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Vintage Synthesizer Solutions

Your Source for Vintage Synthesizer Demos + Repair & Modification Tutorials

We've created a new Youtube channel entirely dedicated to helping YOU do some of your own vintage synthesizer repairs and mods. An incredible amount of work goes into these, but we hope to be able to do a new full length video roughly every 2 weeks. Please check it out and subscribe to support us. Thank you!

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Demo: Oberheim Matrix 12 vs. Matrix 6 - Sonic Siblings: A Direct Comparison

Join us while we do a direct comparison of these two classic Oberheim synthesizers. There is often confusion around this product line due to the shared namesake. So, we wanted to clarify some of the differences both in terms of circuit design and sonic character. It is easy to assume that the Matrix 12 is simply a Matrix 6 with double the polyphony, but this is not the case. In fact, the Matrix 6/6R/1000 are quite different than the Matrix 12 and Xpander. In this video, we'll show you why and let you hear the difference!

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Tutorial 3: Tubbutec/Roland Juno 66 Upgrade - Complete Installation Tutorial + Demo Track~

Please join us while we demonstrate the process of installing Tubbutec's fantastic Juno-66 mod into an absolutely gorgeous Roland Juno-6... while also trying to keep it as original as possible. We go through the entire job, step by step, so you can decide if this is a job you feel comfortable taking on yourself, or not (to be seriously considered). We are not affiliated with Tubbutec in any way, but we do install their kits quite often. They make fantastic mods for other synths as well and the website is absolutely worth checking out:
ALL of the background music and the demo track at the end is original content. It was made entirely from sounds we recorded from the Juno-6 post install (aside from the drums; there are no effects on the synth sounds!)! We also tried to include as many sounds as possible that demonstrate the additional functionality the mod offers, but back to the details...
Aside from adding midi in & out jacks, this mod adds some amazing additional play modes like two unison modes with detune. There's also 2 and 3 voice modes that stack oscillators, but still allow some polyphony. We feature these various play modes heavily in the sounds of the demo track. It also an incredible polyphonic portamento feature, way more ARP modes (sequenced too). If that wasn't enough to breath new life into your ability to get creative with your Juno, the mod also adds 2 additional filter LFOs, an additional (paraphonic) envelope dedicated to the filter, as well as filter, pitch bend, ARP, and portamento control via midi.

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Tutorial 2: Juno-106/HS-60 Voice Chip Replacement

Please join us while we show you how to replace the voice chips in a Juno-106/Juno-106S/HS-60. This video is quite long, but our goal when making this video was to create as comprehensive of a step by step guide as possible. Some important points are repeated multiple times intentionally, please ensure you heed all warnings if you plan to attempt this job. Alternatively, if you have any tips or best practices from your own experience, please don't hesitate to share them in the comments. We genuinely hope it is helpful for some of you. At the very least, it should give you a very good idea if this is something you'd even want to consider attempting yourself ;). The background music & demo track using this synth @ the end are also all original content!

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