Service Experience

We do not service any gear made after the year 2000. Please contact us regarding availability prior to requesting any service or repair work. Thank you!

-AKAI AX & VX & S Series

-Alesis Andromeda A6, QuadraSynth (QS). Quadraverb Series, MMT-8 Sequencer, & HR-16 Drum Machine

-Casio CZ & FZ Series 

-Crumar Bit Series 

-E-Mu Systems Emulator, EMAX I & II, Drumulator, SP-1200 Samplers/Drum Machines

-ELKA EK & EM Series

-Ensoniq ASR, TS, MR, EPS, ESQ/SQ, VFX, SD, Fizmo, & Mirage Series 

-Kawai K, SX, F Series

-Korg Trident, Mono/Poly, PolySix, Poly61, Poly800, DS, DSS, EX, MS, M, X, Wavestation Series

-Kurzweil K Series ( We have a NOS KDFX Board in stock!)

-Novation Nova/Supernova Series

-Oberheim Matrix Series (1000, 6, 6R, and 12) & OB Series 

-Oberheim DX/DMX Drum Machines

-Roland Jupiter, Juno Series, SH, JX, JD, JV, XV, VP, D, MKS Series: 10,20,30,50,70, & 80, MC Series Grooveboxes, PG Series Programmers

-Sequential Circuits Prophet & Pro, Multi Trak, Split Eight, Six Trak, Max Series (+ the rare Siel White labels) + Drumtraks & TOM Drum Machines

-Siel: Opera 6, DK600/700, DK70/80, Orchestra, Cruise, Mono 

-Waldorf Microwave & Pulse Series

-Yamaha DX, TX, SY, CS, CP, TG, A, V, MX Series

+ 4/8 Cassette Multi Track Recorders: Tascam Porta One & Two, 414, 424, 464, 488, 644, 688, 388, etc. 

+ Rack Mount Multi-Effects Units (Eventide, Lexicon, Ensoniq, Yamaha, Roland, KORG, Alesis, etc.)

*This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact us to inquire about your specific service & repair needs.